TipOn Card

Attention on the first page

With the TipOn Card, you already attract attention on the first page. For when it is detached, the TipOn Card becomes an invitation card, a valuable voucher, a participation card, a table calendar or a strong message for your success. It measures your advertising success by collecting the returns for competitions or voucher promotions. We produce and process your TipOn Card for you. Everything from one source.
To guarantee the processing of the TipOn Cards,we guarantee that the following specifications are complied with. We will also be pleased to provide you with the printing of the TipOn Cards, which means that you no longer need to comply with these specifications. You will receive the print of the newspaper and the TipOn cards from one source.
Technical information
  • Automatic processing is only possible with individual cards. Processing is done solely in portrait format.
  • Format A6 (105 x 148 mm), paper quality 200 g/m2 matt or glossy (max. 250 g/m2)
    A7 (74 x 105 mm), paper quality 250 g/m2
    square: (105 x 105 mm), paper quality 200 g/m2 matt or glossy
  • Direction of paper travel: narrow web, longitudinally at 148 mm
  • The cards may not be painted as this leads to bending and the cards cannot be processed
  • Area of adhesion: front or back page of the newspaper
  • Minimum circulation: 5,000 units in a sequence and/or an entire district
    (smaller or selective orders can only be implemented manually)
  • The definition of front or back of the card is mandatory
    (The sending of a PDF file is recommended)