Your pages in the newspaper

Your newspaper stands squarely there with your supplement! The supplement is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and most individual additional information to the newspaper. As a stand-alone product and in different formats or forms, we will place your supplements manually or automatically in the newspaper. We will of course also take over the production of your supplements.
The weight of a supplement should not exceed the said maximum limits. If it does exceed these limits, this should be checked with our dispatch department. At any rate, the weight of the supplement(s) may not exceed that of the newspaper.
Types of folding
Folded supplements have to be processed in the single or parallel or spiral fold. Leporello (zigzag) or gate fold (also called window fold) can only be processed manually.
One or two-paged flap
Supplements with flaps cannot be processed until after consultation and prior technical checking by our dispatch department.
With envelopes, it should be ensured that the contents fill them. If the content does not have the same format as the envelope, the submission of samples and consultation with the dispatch department is necessary.
Format of supplements
Minimum format DIN A6 (105 x 148 mm)
Maximum format 300 x 225 mm
Cropped supplements
All supplements must be cropped at a right angle. They may not have any cropping errors caused by defective blades. Supplements damaged by blunt cutting blades during cropping cannot be processed.