Image processing

The right preparation for coldset print

Only perfectly prepared image data lead to beautiful print results in newsprint Through the use of natural papers with an open surface, images in newsprint require stronger processing than in other printing methods.

The paper is always matt, the surface absorbs the colour to a strong extent and if the image is not sufficiently shaprened in the preparation, brilliance and richness of detail are soon lost. Just a few tasks are necessary to achieve an impressive image result in newsprint. You will find information on this in our download files. And if you are not sure how you should do this, we can handle it for you.

For the selection of the images to be used, the following criteria should fundamentally be complied with: use large-scale images with fewer details in the image and prefer high contrasts with sharp contours.


  • Set black and white dot
  • Increase contrast
  • Increase saturation
  • Re-sharpen (preferably again)
  • Profile conversion with special ICC profile
    (! after processing)


  • Colour casts
  • Overexposure and underexposure
  • Lack of sharpness and weakness in contrast
  • Image noise
  • Insufficient resolution

The right resolution

RESOLUTION SIZE (200 dpi) SIZE (300 dpi) 10 x 15 cm 13 x 18 cm 20 x 30 cm
(approx. A4)
40 x 60 cm
(approx. A2)
2 mega pixels
1,600 x 1,200
20 x 15 cm 14 x 15 cm gruen gelb rot rot
4 mega pixels
2,272 x 1,704
29 x 22 cm 19 x 14 cm gruen gruen gelb rot
6 mega pixels
3,008 x 2,000
38 x 25 cm 26 x 17 cm gruen gruen gelb rot
8 mega pixels
3,456 x 2,304
44 x 29 cm 29 x 20 cm gruen gruen gruen rot
12 mega pixels
4,288 x 2,848
54 x 36 cm 36 x 24 cm gruen gruen gruen gelb