Hybrid newspaper

Colourful paper attracts the attention more

Hybrid instead of uniform. There is no reason to always just produce newspapers in a consistent type of paper. The hybrid newspaper. Pages of different colours within a newspaper.

Newspapers often have special parts that have to differentiate themselves from the rest. The entertainment or information value of such special parts is high; the content needs special emphasis. Instead of creating time-consuming special print products, we preferred to find a special technical solution. In newsprint.

The envelope in the hybrid newspaper
Depending on the total number of pages, we print an envelope along with the newspaper for you. On bright white paper which is also as strong as an envelope. Depending on preferences, the newspaper is also stapled or format-cropped. The newspaper with an envelope is finished. Without lengthy preparatory time and directly from the newsprint machine.
Special pages for special advertising content
Depending on the overall number of pages, we mix pages on special paper with the pages on standard paper at certain points. This brings advertisements on bright white pages even more to the fore. Or series of photos on travel reports.
The special pages can also represent a separate product within the newspaper when they are taken out and put together.
Hybrid makes cross-medial
Pages on special coloured paper can also transport special content. Topics that can show even more on the Web than in the newspaper go well on hybrid pages. Videos on newspaper pictures, newstickers on headlines or online reservations of admission tickets can thus be placed correctly in the newspaper.