Color Quality Club

We are one of the global leaders

The printing performance of our newspaper printing plants was regularly nominated among the world’s best by the International Newspaper Color Quality Club over the past few years. Perfectly coordinated pre-print and print work is the requirement for our printing result which is one of the world leaders in newsprint.

For our customers, that means reliable image and advertisement rendition by printing within the boundaries of the ISO standards. And maximum precision in the print.

We reached for the stars and got them. druck :STYRIA und druck :CARINTHIA are members of the Star Club. That group which is only open to printing plants that have already been included in the Color Quality Club at least five times.

Our employees have made this membership possible with their dedication. An award that will be difficult for others to match soon.

The Color Quality Club is the only global competition for newspapers with regard to print quality. The competition for inclusion in the club takes place every two years. The permanently correct print quality is measured over a period of three months from a technical perspective and based on standards and assessed by a jury.

Only those newspapers that are able to present high print quality over a long period of time are admitted to the club. This time, only 77 newspaper titles worldwide manage it.